Meet Sarah

I was brought up by a wise father and a warm-hearted mother in the small town of Salem, Alabama. Being from a small town, I learned how to be a people person fairly quickly, and I believe that is where my love for building relationships began.

After accepting that it was O.K. to attend the same university as my successful older sister, I enrolled at Auburn University and began pursuing a public relations degree and a marketing minor, graduating in May 2015. My experience at Auburn gave me many tools and connections to use to further my career, but nothing will compare to the lessons I learned about myself.

I learned to accept that I am a perfectionist and a planner at heart, but along the way I found an energetic spirit that longs for adventure and new experiences. I adore all things bright, simple and homey. I can't say no to a good house plant, and I find joy in the kitchen cooking a fresh meal after a good workout. If you meet me, you will hopefully learn that I am cheerful, enthusiastic and a bit of a social butterfly. My passion lies in the relationships I form with those around me, and that is how I know the field of public relations is where I am supposed to be.

While I can easily sit at a desk and write and perfect a story, my favorite place is out in the action, getting to know the stories of the people I work with and finding any way to serve them better.

The pages on this website are to show you the work I completed during my time at Auburn University, what I've been up to since then, and my capabilities as a professional.

I am excited to find and accept a full time position and begin using my knowledge and enthusiasm to work hard in the field of public relations.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me! Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have.

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